What does a real marketing department feel like?

  • You have clear insights into all of you marketing activities and how effective they are.
  • You can ask questions and receive meaningful answers to help guide sales and product strategy.
  • You have a team in place so you can easily adjust your strategy and test different tactics.
  • You have processes and structure that will allow you to grow when it makes sense.

The startup discovery workshop will organise all of the critical marketing systems in your business and give you a roadmap to building the marketing department you need to succeed.

Startup Discovery Workshop

The Discovery Workshop is a half day (4 hours) that will involve discussing and assessing all of the key components that will be required for you to build an effective marketing department. After the workshop you will receive a report that will show you where all of the critical components of your marketing department are now, and what you need to do in each area to move forward.

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Create a marketing department that is delivering predictable results and has a clear plan to support your companies growth.

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