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Since the introduction of the GDPR building a website has been complicated by extra legal requirements relating to capturing contact details and tracking visitor behaviour. Unfortunately this change in the legal landscape has left website owners with an extra burden which equates to higher costs, both in terms of time and money.

At Markegy we have been working towards a cookie free solution for our clients that will make building and managing your website cheaper and easier. In this blog post we will share the solutions that we have used.

Why Go Cookie Free?

Before we get into this let me quickly explain why we don’t like cookies.

Cookies allow companies to track visitor Behavior.  For example a visitor may come to your website and then leave your website and visit YouTube. If your website installs the correct cookie into this visitor’s browser you can then show them advertisements for your company as they’re watching videos on YouTube. This is called retargeting.

Now if you are a small business this sort of retargeting seems fairly harmless. It can be a good way to remind your customers about what they saw on your website. And as a user of this type of marketing system, you do not collect and store any data about your website visitors.

The problem is that the companies that are providing these remarketing or retargeting services are collecting an enormous amount of data via the cookies that you have helped them to install into the browsers of your website visitors. Remember, the cookie was installed when the visitor viewed your website.

That makes you responsible for allowing these big companies to track your visitors and customers behaviour as they surf the internet.

Because large companies are abusing this ability to collect data, the EU (and other organisations) are cracking down on privacy.. And because of the way that these large online organizations have built their data capture systems, namely through millions of small websites like yours, the responsibility of protecting people against these large online companies has been placed upon businesses like yours.

So unless you have a good reason to install cookies, then it’s best to avoid it altogether.

How to Track Your Website’s Performance Without Cookies

If you’re running any sort of online marketing campaign then you need to know what’s happening on your website. Website analytics will provide information about how people came to your website, the pages that they visit and with a more sophisticated setup you can also track clicks on specific buttons or form submissions or other important events.

With a privacy friendly analytic solution you do not need cookies to gather all of this information. Furthermore no personally identifiable information is stored and the raw data IP address and User-Agent are never stored in logs, databases or anywhere on disk at all.

The cookie free website analytics system we use is called plausible, and you can read more about it here.

We offer this solution for free for all of our customers who are on one of our maintenance plans.

Setting up your GDPR friendly Privacy Policy

Every website in the EU requires a privacy policy that explains how you use and protect your customers and visitors data. The challenge for a small business is creating and maintaining this legal text. If you do not have a legal team in your company, then it can be expensive and time consuming.

We have tested a number of cheap and free tools for generating privacy policies that comply with the GDPR. The easiest to use, and the one that we chose was from CookiesYes. Read more about free and cost effective privacy policy generators in our blog.

More information

If you are interested in streamlining your website with cookie-free analytics, faster loading times and better user experience, contact us today!

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