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Tell us about the pages you need in your website. We need to know how many there will be, and what type of pages they will be.

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Home page

In most cases, the home page will be the first page that your visitors see. It is usually made up of a banner and a footer, and a series of content sections in between.

See page examples.

Some home pages have an animated slider in the banner that rotates different images and text. It allows you to display more information, but it does slow your website down.

See example.

Do you want a slider in your home page banner? *

We can add a short contact form directly into the top of your homepage so visitors can contact you more easily.

Do you want a contact form on the home page? *

Products and Services (special pages)

Special pages are similar to your home page. They can contain multiple sections with a variety of designs and widgets.

See page examples.

Do you want extra special pages (e.g. product or service pages) *

Standard Content Pages

Standard content pages are all set to a standard format and are similar to a blog article layout.

See page examples.

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If you do not wish to create the content for your website yourself, then we can write it for you.

Do you want us to write your content for you?


Do you want a multi language website? *


Contact forms

Sometimes a contact form is a good way to get more information from a potential customer before you speak to them, but you can also just use an email link.

Do you want a contact page with a form? *

Additional forms might be required, such as job application forms, or special forms where your customers might need to supply information.

Do you require any additional custom forms? (e.g. job application or quote request)

If you are running advertising campaigns, then you might need special tracking codes. If this is the case, then you should be aware that you will also need a cookie popup, that allows your visitors to opt out of this tracking. We can offer you a free analytics system, that is privacy friendly and will not require any cookie pop-ups to be installed if you want to use that instead. This system can be included at no extra cost with all of our website.

Do you require any additional tracking?

Other options and features

Please select any other elements that you might require