Take the risk out of your first marketing hire and execute your first campaigns quickly!

Our full-stack marketing service is delivered by Tristan Boyd, Co-owner at Markegy, startup co-founder and marketing expert with years of experience in early stage start-ups.

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Hire a Hands-on Marketing Expert with 20+ Years Experience

Launch and test campaigns, build infrastructure and create a base for growth

Who should be your first marketing hire?

  • An SEO technician?
  • Copywriter?
  • Graphic designer?
  • Social media expert?
  • Digital ads manager?

By hiring a full stack marketer on a short term contract you take the risk out of the early stages of your marketing journey, and accelerate the growth of your marketing programs and your company.

As a full-stack marketer with over 20 years experience, he can help you to identify your audiences, craft messages to reach them, select appropriate channels and then quickly set up the infrastructure to create, launch and test campaigns. This approach will give you the feedback and data that you need to ensure your marketing strategy is moving in the right direction, as well as a platform to build and manage future programs.

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Preparing for Marketing Growth

Organise and optimise your operations before you expand the team

The early stages of marketing in a startup can be very challenging. Usually there is an enormous amount of work to do, but not enough people to do it. You are often lacking important skill sets, such as in-house design, copywriting or digital ad management. This can result in a certain level of chaos. Directions are often changed too often, ideas are started but not finished, and the team does not have the time to plan and align their activities.

An outsourced marketing director can provide leadership and organisation in a way that supports and motivates the team, without the risk of a full-time hire.

  • Ensure consistent direction and strategy,
  • Reliably deliver on campaign plans,
  • Reports to provide clear insights,
  • Outsourcing strategy and processes,
  • Help to plan the hiring strategy.
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Structure and direction for your marketing team

If you are an early stage start-up, or another venture in the process of building or changing your marketing strategy, we can help you.

  • Advice and insights from 20+ years experience

  • A full-stack skill set to get any marketing job done

  • A development team on hand if required

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Book a video call to discuss the challenges you are facing, and ask any questions that you might have about the service I can offer.

Tristan supported us to develop our online marketing presence across SEO, Paid Search, Organic and Paid Social. He is a very knowledgeable, hands on, professional and committed full stack engineer who integrated seamlessly into our team. For any scale up requiring additional expertise I can highly recommend working with Tristan.

Head of Strategy – Fintech

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Meet with a full-stack marketer
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